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Dr. Hakeem Jameel Asghar

Welcome to Khandani Manzoori Shifakhana

To serve medically to human beings is the best Act of service towards Humanity. In this regard your all efforts and struggle performed by you is in the name of God. God will grant you its reward.

So under theis benefit a famous person who belongs to the learned family of having knowledge in Medicines my grand father respected HAKEEM SYED ASAD HUSSAIN (Late) and my father named as HAKEEM SYED MANZUR HUSSAIN (late) who belongs to this famous family having great knowkedge of INDIAN MEDICINES, whose services in this field are unforgetable whose prescriptions in Indian Medicines are so famous and are in use of hundreds of patients who are cured by using the same medicines we belongs to a famous family of Indian Medicines learned Hakeems who pweformed unlimited services for the sake of people is not hidden of anyone of his famiies in CHANDPUR BIJNOR City. God may give that soules a great peace for their selfless acts and deeds to cure thousands of sick person in their life time.
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